5 health benefits of Lupin Beans. They have more protein than other legumes.

ARTICLE: Published in The Beet 10 November 2021

Could a yellow legume from the Mediterranean be the latest superfood to grip the US? In recent years, bean mania has focused on other protein-rich legumes such as lentils, red kidney beans, chickpeas, and more recently, mung beans. But there is a new rising star within this food family: The lupin bean – sometimes referred to as the lupini bean due to its Italian popularity.

Lupins have 26 grams of protein per cup

Lupins are protein-rich, highly nutritious, sustainable, and versatile. Long a staple of a traditional Mediterranean diet, the Lupin (or Lupini) is experiencing a sudden surge of popularity as widely as Egypt, South America, Australia, and of course the US. This past week, Beyoncé was connected to a lupin launch when her longtime chef announced he had created a new lupin-based product called Lupreme. So lupins are all over the place, all of a sudden. But why?