Winner 'Best Protein' at the World Plant Based Food Awards closes seed round in just 2 days

Eighth Day Foods announced today that they have raised $1 million, in seed funding for LUPREME®, the global breakthrough in plant protein in just 2 days.

“We were thrilled when we won the World Plant Based Food Award in New York in December and to now be able to commercialise and scale faster with this funding is really exciting. We are regularly being told that no other protein tastes as good while being as kind to the planet” says Roger Drew, Inventor of LUPREME® and Co-founder of Eighth Day Foods. “What is truly unique about Lupreme is that its versatility provides food producers globally endless opportunities to develop their own wide range of quality products, that they develop to their own requirements.”

LUPREME® provides traditional food manufacturers who are developing new ranges of plant based products or existing plant based food manufacturers opportunities to develop ranges of quality new products, or replace ingredients in products that are expensive and deliver premium quality at a price on parity with meat.

World renowned plant-based chef Scott Findlay who worked as a private chef to Sir Paul McCartney for over 10 years said, "I've been specialising in plant-based recipes since 2004 when I first started cooking for Paul McCartney.” He continued. “I've travelled all over the world using different plant-based products and I've yet to come across anything that is as versatile, delicious and easy to work with as LUPREME®. It's amazing and I can't wait to be working more with it.”

LUPREME® is essentially one unprocessed ingredient – sweet lupins – nature’s richest source of combined protein and fibre, low in carbohydrates and has proven benefits for heart health, bowel health, diabetes, and weight management.

The supply-chain for LUPREME® is also very straightforward and demand in production can be supported by redirecting some of the 95% of lupins that are not yet used for human food.

Features and benefits of LUPREME® include:

  • LUPREME’S® simplicity and versatility are unrivalled

  • Production cost that is significantly lower than meat

  • Highly sustainable and regenerative for our soils

  • Ultra-clean nutritional powerhouse

About Eighth Day Foods:

Eighth Day Foods is on a mission to create the world’s finest plant-based food products by enabling partners to develop and manufacture premium products that their customers not only expect - but will love.

With the global demand for protein projected to double by 2050 it simply will not be possible to provide secure, sustainable, nutritious proteins from animals alone.

We believe that all have a role to play and ours is to ensure that food producers have access to the best sustainable protein and processes so they can create premium plant-based products under their own trusted brands.

We work closely with food manufacturing partners to define the best fit with their strategy, product range and production processes. We utilise technology that is market-ready, economical, and scalable.

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