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We are an Australian food technology business who has developed a patented technology that sustainably transforms Australian grown lupins into a versatile ready-to-cook smart protein.


We see a future where the food we enjoy breathes life into our planet and health into our bodies.

Decorated Gourmet Meal
Our Flagship Product: 

Lupreme® is a breakthrough plant protein that checks all the boxes: affordable, delicious, high-quality protein with an astoundingly clean label.

How Are We Different?

We’ve developed a ground-breaking, patented technology called Rapid Solid-State Fermentation (RSSF) that efficiently transforms seeds into ready-to-cook protein. We’re the only company in the world using our tech, and we’re leveraging it to set new standards for affordability, taste, health, versatility, and sustainability in plant-based protein.

  • Affordability: Our process is highly cost-effective, so we can offer you a plant-based protein solution that suits your bottom line.

  • Taste: Our fermentation process creates a natural umami flavour with no off-taste. You can easily flavour our protein pre- or post-production.


  • Clean label: Our protein is uniquely clean – no isolates, concentrates, or extrusion – so you can capitalize on the rapidly growing consumer demand for clean-label products.


  • Sustainability: From plant to plate, our products’ environmental footprint is small. We know of no other protein that tastes as good and is as kind to the planet.

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