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We are reshaping the future of food,

creating premium plant protein

through perfected simplicity.

Eighth Day Foods is an Australian food-tech business

providing solutions that are resetting the global protein market.


We see a future where the food we enjoy breathes life into our planet and health into our bodies.

Our world

By 2050, when the world’s population hits 10 billion, global demand for protein on our dinner plates will increase by up to 80% over current levels.


There are rising concerns that there will be a global shortage of protein-rich foods because of global reliance on animal proteins.

Decorated Gourmet Meal
Our Challenge

Up until now, alternatives to meat have required complex, highly processed and environmentally unsustainable technologies.


The industry fails on the two most critical fronts – products do not satisfy what consumers are demanding, and no company can make it work commercially.


Without these challenges being overcome, this multi-billion-dollar opportunity will fail.

How Are We Different?

Taking a unique and better path, Eighth Day Foods has made a global breakthrough with a cutting-edge proprietary technology solution, called Rapid Solid-State Fermentation.


This technology will reset the plant-based protein landscape, delivering what consumers have been demanding - a healthy protein that is affordable, sustainable and that tastes great.

  • Affordability: Our process is highly cost-effective, so we can offer you a plant-based protein solution that suits your bottom line.

  • Taste: Our fermentation process creates a natural umami flavour with no off-taste. You can easily flavour our protein pre- or post-production.


  • Clean label: Our protein is uniquely clean – no isolates, concentrates, or extrusion – so you can capitalize on the rapidly growing consumer demand for clean-label products.


  • Sustainability: From plant to plate, our products’ environmental footprint is small. We know of no other protein that tastes as good and is as kind to the planet.

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