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All plant protein is not created equal

Lupreme® is setting new standards as an affordable, ultra-clean, delicious protein made using a single powerhouse seed: lupin.

Introducing Lupreme
  • Taste: Plant-based protein is a non-starter if people don’t enjoy eating it, so we made taste and texture a top priority as we developed Lupreme®. The result is a product with no off-taste or bitterness and a natural umami flavour from our fermentation process. We also provide the choice of established or bespoke flavouring.

  • Affordability: Consumers are hungry for plant protein, but the premium they currently have to pay severely curbs demand. Through our highly cost-effective method, we can offer a plant-based protein solution that’s priced at parity with (and in many cases below) meat.

  • Versatility: Lupreme® is provided in a whole-block format. As with animal proteins, Lupreme's® versatility is as broad as your imagination - sliced, fillets, sausages, strips, nuggets, and mince. Lupreme® holds its form and texture when fried, roasted, steamed, grilled, or added to stews and soups – ready for any format and any cuisine.

  • Clean label: Our product is made from essentially a single ingredient, giving it a uniquely clean label. There is a growing trend among consumers around clean labels – particularly in plant-based meat – and Lupreme® can help you capitalize on this trend.

  • Health: Lupreme® is not another isolate. We use the whole Lupin seed in our process, without adding or extracting anything. The end product is highly nutritious and further enriched by fermentation.

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