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Until now, plant-based proteins required complex, highly processed and expensive technologies - using one of three technologies to create their current products – being:

  • Isolated plant protein synthetic blends

  • Biomass or Precision Fermentation ingredients

  • Cultivated animal cells


For every one of these technologies, on-site and upstream production processing logistics and costs, technology interdependence and scalability challenges have been a barrier to commercial success.


Without these challenges being overcome, this multi-billion-dollar opportunity will fail.


We have a better solution.

why we need a better solution

What sets our technology apart?

Taking a unique and better path, Eighth Day Foods has made a global breakthrough with a cutting-edge proprietary technology called Rapid Solid-State Fermentation, delivering what consumers have been demanding—a healthy protein that is affordable, sustainable and that tastes great.

This technology now enables large-scale production of ready-to-cook proteins directly from pulses and seeds without any of the challenges faced by others.


all done from

1 seed

in 1 process

under 1 roof

in 1 day

Perfected Simplicity

Rapid Solid-State Fermentation technology enables complex texture, binding and forming by utilising the plant’s natural functionality that is enhanced by nature through fermentation.

This technology eliminates all requirements for protein fractionation. It also eliminates cost, waste, emissions, loss of nutrition, chemicals, high processing and multiplicity of synthetic ingredients—binders, gums, starches and more.

Utilising  Rapid Solid-State Fermentation's perfected simplicity, there’s little processing, cost or complexity, both in production or upstream.

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