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We’re here to provide you with groundbreaking solutions to your plant protein needs.

Our Products

We operate B2B to supply our protein products to industrial food manufacturers and institutional food service operators for use on their menus and in their own branded products.

Utilising RSSF’s perfected simplicity, there’s little processing, cost or complexity, both in production or upstream.


This enables Eighth Day Foods to produce products that are:

  • Affordable– below the price of meat

  • Healthy–with clear nutrition and health benefits

  • Clean label–as little as 4 natural ingredients

  • Positive consumer experience–excellent taste, texture and versatility

  • Highly sustainable - scope 3 solutions

Our Technology

We work closely with global food manufacturers to place our technology within their current operations.

Our Rapid Solid-State Fermentation operates at a fraction of the cost base that currently inhibits the industry, both capital requirements and operating costs.

This opens the door to nutritious protein-rich products that are both affordable for consumers and highly adaptable and profitable for producers.

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Image by Lingchor
Research & Development

Through our Innovation Centre based in Melbourne, Australia, we collaborate on new product development using our technology to design affordable, delicious and clean plant protein products that meet your exact needs.

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