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What’s primarily driving consumers to eat plant protein? Health. 

LUPREME® makes it worth their while.

LUPREME® is made from just one ingredient and has a nutritional label that speaks for itself.


With higher protein and fibre than key competitors, and significantly lower calories, fat, carbs, and sodium, it’s the perfect plant protein solution for health-minded consumers.

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Top Selling Plant-Based Meat Alternatives* 

*Among leading plant-based brands

Globally, health
is the leading motivation for consuming 
meat alternatives

In a study conducted by Boston Consulting Group and Blue Horizon that covered seven countries, 75% of respondents cited having a healthier diet as a main motivation for starting to consume alternative proteins.


And according to Euromonitor, when asked:


“What are some of the reasons why you consume processed meat alternatives?”


The top two responses among global consumers were:

“To feel healthier” (37%) and 

“To avoid long-term health risks” (25%).


Reducing impact on the environment came next, at 23%.

Consumers increasingly
care about 
clean labels

Ingredion found that more than half of global consumers feel it’s important for a product to have a short and simple ingredient list.


They also found that 82% of global consumers report a ‘high likelihood’ of changing from current brands that don’t offer clean label claims to brands that do (with 70% saying they’d pay something more to do so). 


And with a label as clean as they come, LUPREME®

is positioned to capitalize on this growing trend.

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