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Beyonce's personal chef loves this vegan protein made from Lupin beans

Maxwell Rabb

4 Nov 2021

Scott Findlay – a professional plant-based chef trained under Gordon Ramsay – just announced he’s discovered a “breakthrough” vegan protein. The chef, who has cooked for A-listers like Beyonce, Rihanna, Paul McCartney, Elton John, and Madonna, claims that Lupreme’s lupin-based protein is a top plant-based protein source. Developed by Eighth Day Foods, Lupreme provides consumers with 43 percent protein and 30 percent of fiber. The innovative food provides a versatile alternative protein that’s packed with nutrients, making it a top competitor in a rapidly growing market.

“I’ve been specializing in plant-based recipes since 2004 when I first started cooking for Paul McCartney,” Findlay said. “I’ve traveled all over the world using different plant-based products and I’ve yet to come across anything as versatile, delicious, and easy to work with as Lupreme. It’s amazing and I can’t wait to be working more with it.”

Findlay’s endorsement comes as the company prepares to make its lupin-based product available publicly. Lupreme is currently not available for commercial purchase, but the company is planning to expand following several endorsements and internal strides in manufacturing and development. Beyond Findlay’s endorsement, the company has announced that its lupin-based protein is widely well-received.

“We are regularly being told that no other protein tastes as good and it’s proven that no other protein is as kind to the planet,” Inventor of Lupreme and Co-founder of Eighth Day Foods Roger Drew said. “Its unique versatility provides food producers everywhere with endless opportunities to develop their own wide range of quality products, that they develop to their own requirements.”

Eighth Day Foods uses a proprietary fermentation process to create a meaty-texture plant-based protein sourced entirely from lupin beans. The new lupin-based protein is highly versatile and can be shaped and flavored into a variety of meat alternatives. The company boasts that the new protein holds a mild, clean flavor that allows developers and chefs to replicate several animal-based products.

The company debuted its brand new product at this year’s Future Food-Tech Summit, presenting the first-of-its-kind vegan protein. Eighth Day Foods will enter a highly saturated alternative protein market, but its lupin-based product highlights an exceptionally sustainable protein.

The food tech company claims that Lupreme production is significantly healthier for the planet than meat production as well as other plant-based alternatives. Growing sweet lupins restores damaged soil, enriches existing farms with beneficial nutrients, requires no water, and helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Lupin production in total is exceptionally efficient, providing a cost-effective solution for the alternative protein market. The manufacturing and agriculture process also creates nearly no waste.

The company also emphasizes the ease of lupin production, requiring only one ingredient for its supply chain. Earth Day Foods predicts that the growth can occur easily, because 96 percent of lupin is currently grown to feed livestock. By reducing the need for meat production, Lupreme intends to reallocate lupin production to create more sustainable plant-based protein products.

Recently, a report from Meticulous Research projected that the alternative protein market will reach $27 billion by 2027. The report explains that due to environmental pressures and rising awareness concerning health and nutrition, consumers will rapidly shift dietary preferences to the plant-based sector. The market currently produces protein alternatives like Future Farm’s chickpea- and soy-based protein or Lightlife’s pea-based protein, but as it expands, more innovative protein sources have become popular.

Lupreme is not the only legume-based protein on the market: San Fransico-based Eat Just uses mung beans as its main ingredient for its plant-based egg products. JUST Egg contains a significant amount of protein thanks to a proprietary method that uses the mung bean to replicate conventional eggs. The company's popularity is rising worldwide as the company’s products just received regulatory approval in Europe. Stateside, the company is preparing for a $3 billion IPO, which would become one of the largest plant-based stock market debuts.

Original Article: Beyonce’s Personal Chef Loves This Protein Made From Lupin Beans | The Beet|

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