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Paul McCartney and Beyonce’s Private Chef Discovers “Breakthrough” Plant Protein

3 Nov 2021

Plant-based chef Scott Findlay, who trained under Gordon Ramsay and has worked as a private chef for Paul McCartney, Rihanna, Beyonce, Madonna, and Elton John, has sung the praises of LUPREME®, a lupin-based protein developed by Eighth Day Foods.

“I’ve yet to come across anything that is as versatile, delicious, and easy to work with”

Findlay enthuses: “I’ve been specializing in plant-based recipes since 2004, when I first started cooking for Paul McCartney,” he said. “I’ve travelled all over the world using different plant-based products and I’ve yet to come across anything that is as versatile, delicious, and easy to work with as LUPREME®. It’s amazing and I can’t wait to be working more with it.”

Eighth Day Foods uses fermentation to lupin beans into a block with a meaty texture, which can then be moulded into any shape and flavoured to produce a variety of plant-based meats. LUPREME® is said to be nutritious, highly sustainable, and much cheaper to produce than meat.

According to Eighth Day Foods, the product has a mild flavour that makes it suitable for a range of applications. The company was featured at this year’s Future Food Tech Summit in February, and it was also one of the finalists of Unilever’s Innovation Challenge.

“We are regularly being told that no other protein tastes as good and it’s proven that no other protein is as kind to the planet,” said Roger Drew, Inventor of LUPREME® and Co-founder of Eighth Day Foods. “Its unique versatility provides food producers everywhere with endless opportunities to develop their own wide range of quality products, that they develop to their own requirements.”

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